Handmade Damascus Steel Billets

Damascus steel billets are made by forge welding multiple layers of steels. The Damascus steel is made from a combination of 1095 high carbon steel which shows as the black design and 4340 nickel steel which is the silver.


The billet is folded and re-welded several times to produce several layers. Patterns are created by manipulating the steel during the forge welding process. When acid is added to the blade, it attacks the layers of hard and soft steels differently, highlighting the attractive layered pattern in the Steel. 


The combination of layered hard and soft steel creates blade flexibility, toughness and produces invisible serrations on the blade that aid cutting. The hardness of the Damascus steel is 54-56 HRC on the Rockwell scale.


We also make leather sheath for all kind of knives and cutting tools. The leather sheaths are made from heavy thick leather.


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