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Damascus Kitchen Knife Sets

Are you looking for top-of-the-line knives for your kitchen?  Look no further.  Every chef knows that the heart and soul of cooking lie in the quality of tools and ingredients.  Whether it’s carving knives, boning knives for fish, paring knives, or even just bread knives, the best cutlery on the market uses razor-sharp Damascus steel.


At Faneema Cutlery, our knives come in exquisite designs, complete with beautiful natural wood and resin handles. Buy a complete set to meet all your kitchen requirements, or select specific options like Santoku blades, specialty cutting boards, your favorite chopping implement, or even a utility knife to suit multiple cooking needs. Whatever you choose, our knives are forged with a combination of high-carbon steel and nickel steel. These handmade Damascus blades are durable, incredibly sharp, and built to last.

We Meet All Your Kitchen Needs

True culinarians only go with cutlery they can trust. Faneema Cutlery’s reputation in that department is unblemished. We were awarded the coveted Knife of the Year Award in 2020 at the Shot Show presented by American Outdoors. Since we hand-forge our knives, you can trust that true artisanship goes into the making of our cutlery.

Making Your Shopping Experience Easy

Our online knife store is designed to make your shopping experience hassle-free. Cleavers, knife blocks, sharpeners, and more are available in our store for you to peruse. We guarantee all our kitchen knife set against any defects.


If you are unsatisfied with the craftsmanship of your blade, let us know within a week of receiving our product and we will make it right. It’s that simple.

Get Help With Your Knife Selection Today

Not everyone knows exactly what kind of knife they need. If that describes you, no worries! Contact us today, and we will help you decide on the best cutlery for your specific needs.