Hunting knives must be reliable. The blades used for outdoor knives should be solid and sharp because sometimes your life depends on them. These knives can use in the wilderness range to make the delicate cuts required to skin or clean an animal.

The Damascus steel hunting knives are the sharpest and durable in the market. You can use it for sports, hunting, slicing, and all outdoor activities.

Faneema Cutlery crafts a large selection of outdoor knives to meet your demand and expectations. Many of them are traditional and classic outdoor kitchen and pocket knives.

All knives come with a genuine heavy-duty leather sheath and 30 days moneyback guarantee.

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  • Outdoor Damascus knife4

    Handmade Damascus Outdoor Hunting Knife 5″ Blade with Wenge Wood Handle

  • D2 outdoor hunting knife

    Handmade D2 Outdoor Hunting Knife 5″ Blade with Pakauk Wood Handle

  • Ram horn outdoor knife

    Damascus Outdoor Knife 4.5″ Blade with Ram Horn Handle

  • Padauk outdoor knife 2

    Damascus Outdoor Hunting Knife with 5″ Blade and Padauk Wood Handle

  • knife made out of file

    Handmade File Knife 5.5″ with Olive Wood Handle by Faneema Cutlery

  • File Knife with wenge wood handle

    Handmade File Knife 2.75″ with Wenge Wood Handle by Faneema

  • file knife with padauk handle

    Handmade File Knife 2.75″ with Padauk Wood Handle by Faneema