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Leather Gun Holster

  • FULL GRAIN LEATHER:  Our holsters are always made of the highest quality of Full Grain Leather. We stitch two layers of Full Grain Leather to make sure that the opening will keep its shape when the pistol is removed.
  • STITCHING:  Flawless stitching and Full Grain Leather mean this holster is well-crafted and built to last. All edges are burnished with beeswax, which makes the edge smooth, clean and strong.
  • SIZE: All sizes and models available

The Faneema gun holster is made of a 100% genuine leather material that’s breathable and soft so you can wear it directly against your skin. Conceal your gun with this leather holster while having easy access when you need it most. You will need your firearms at a crucial time, so carry them with you. We offer a premium gun holster that is versatile, sturdy, durable, and lightweight.