A knife blade is a useable tool for many daily tasks at home, traveling, and outdoor adventures. Faneema Cutlery pocket knives are super easy to sharpen, affordable, and most of all, practical. It will last for many years. A pocket is like a friend who has shared many experiences with you.

In life’s struggle that entails endless hours of tedious work to earn a few minutes of soul-restoring leisure, it is reassuring to have a reminder of the nice things.

It is even better to carry one of these lovely reminders in my pocket. I can turn a Faneema folder over and oven in my hand and appreciate its design, fine craftsmanship, and artistic beauty.

All knives come with a genuine heavy-duty leather sheath and 30 days moneyback guarantee.

Pocket Knife Damascus
  • pocket knife 3

    Damascus Pocket Knife 3.5″ Blade with Damascus and Brass Handle

  • Faneema Damascus pocket kife 4

    Damascus Pocket Knife 3″ Blade with Black Horn Handle

  • Pocket knife with Stag handle

    Damascus Pocket Knife 3.5″ Stag handle – Etched Bolster Eagle/Flower